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Title: Best View in the Universe
Characters: Donna, Wilf

Rating: All
Prompt: for sleepismyfriend who wanted to see Donna

Donna stood back, staying out of sight as her grandfather set up his telescope and perch for watching the stars.  She knew that while he always searched the stars for "dem aliens" as he called them, she also knew that now he also watched for her.  While she travelled with the Doctor, Wilf never knew when Donna would pop home for a visit.  He always watched the skies, hoping to see a glimpse of that little blue box.

With a smile, Donna finally took a step forward and cleared her throat.  Wilf whipped around and seeing her, threw open his arms for a warm hug.  'Donna, Sweetheart, when did you get here?'

'Hi Gramps!'  Donna couldn't help brushing away a tear.  She treasured each moment she got to spend with Wilf and knew that with each passing year, those would become more and more valuable.  'We just landed.'

'So, where's the Doctor, then?'

'He had some errand to run, he said.'

Wilf patted the little perch seat.  'Well come over and sit yourself down and spend the evening watching the stars with your old Gramps.'

Donna smiled.  'Best view in the universe.'



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