Spydurwebb (spydurwebb) wrote,

Ficlet: DW: Now Where Do We Go? (Three/Sarah)

Title: Now Where Do We Go?
Pairing: Three/Sarah

Rating: Teen
Prompt: I had two prompts, one that wanted to see a sequel to Closer in A Cave and another who wanted to see more Three/Sarah.  This covers both.


Sarah stretched out on the sofa in one of the living rooms of the TARDIS.  She had her head resting on the arm of the sofa and her eyes closed.  She draped her arm across her eyes to block out more of the lighting that leeched around her eyelids.

The Doctor walked in and saw her.  With a smile, he stood near the end of the sofa and just rested his hand on the top of her head.  'How are you feeling, my dear?'

'Can't you get the TARDIS to dim the lights in here?'

The Doctor walked over and pulled open one of the roundels in the wall and made a couple of adjustments on one of the controls inside before replacing the roundel and glancing back at Sarah.  'Better?'

Sarah moved her arm enough to peek out of one eye.  'Yea, thanks.'  She shifted her arm and began to massage her aching temples.  'That cave pollen had some nasty side effects.  I haven't had a hangover like this since the day after my uni graduation.'

'Seems most intoxicants have universal side effects.'  The Doctor knelt down by the end of the sofa and reached out to take over massaging Sarah's temples.  She hummed appreciatively.

'Let me guess, Time Lords don't get hangovers.'

'We just process things faster, so my headache didn't last nearly as long.'


They stayed in silence the longest time, just enjoying the companionship and quiet.  Sarah was dangerously close to falling asleep when the Doctor stopped his relaxing massage.  She opened her eyes and looked up at him.  He was just watching her, smiling, his eyes making it obvious he was deep in thought.

She sat up slowly.  'What?'

He sat down beside her and draped his arm across her shoulders.  'I was just wondering if we should talk about what happened in the cave.'

Sarah sighed.  'You said we've have no regrets.'

'And you don't?'

She shook her head and smiled.  'No.'  Not able to meet his gaze, she quickly focused on the floor.  'Although if you do, that's ok.  I mean, I won't hold it against you.  Our friendship means too much to me.  Besides, we weren't exactly 100% ourselves.'

He reached over and put a finger over her lips, shushing her.  'Sarah, shhh.'  He caressed her cheek.  'I don't have any regrets.  But you have to know that this does change things somewhat, and it won't be like any relationship you've been in before.'

Sarah smiled.  'That seems like a loaded statement.'

'You've no idea,' the Doctor admitted softly before leaning in to give her a chaste kiss.


Tags: ficlet, sarah/three, who
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