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Ficlet: DW: Standing At Attention (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart)

TITLE: Standing at Attention
CHARACTERS: Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart

SUMMARY: For sleepismyfriend.  The Brigadier has been summoned to the Palace.


Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart stood at full attention, waiting for the footman to show him in.  It was extremely rare for Her Majesty to ask to see him directly.  Normally all his reports passed through the Prime Minister.  However, with all the recent attacks that seemingly affected the London area, he shouldn't have been surprised.  The security around the city as a whole seemed to be increasing, and rumours were flying about regarding changes in policy towards alien "aggressors".  He couldn't stop his lips twitching towards a smile at what the Doctor's reaction to all that might be.

Actually, it might affect the Doctor more than originally thought.  Geneva was getting highly skeptical of all of the cases solved by this previously unknown scientific adviser.  The more dangerous the incursions became and the higher the casualty rate, the more Geneva wanted to bring the spotlight down on UNIT and the Doctor in particular.  As if he might be the cause, not the solution.  Preposterous, of course, but that was bureaucracy for you.  The Brigadier hated all the paperwork, but he knew the necessity of it.  And orders is orders.

The footman approached the door.  'Her Majesty will see you now, Brigadier.'  With a nod, the Brigadier clasped his file folder tightly in his left hand and snapped to attention, waiting to be announced.  Oddly, a stray thought crossed his mind about how naked he felt without his swagger stick.

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