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TITLE: Exodus of the Daleks
CHARACTERS: Four, Sarah, Harry

SUMMARY:  for sleepismyfriend Despite the Doctor’s morality struggle, someone blows up the Daleks in Genesis of the Daleks.


The Doctor held the two wire strands up in the air.  ‘Do I have the right?’

Sarah stood by his side, studying her friend, trying to figure out what he was thinking.  ‘To destroy the Daleks, you can’t doubt it?’

‘Oh, but I do.’  The Doctor continued to explain why he felt that destroying the Daleks at this juncture would make him no better than them, and perhaps change the timelines that were to come.  Alliances never created, fears never yielding peace.

Sarah understood his point, but one thing remained.  ‘You must complete your mission for the Time Lords.’

The Doctor turned and looked at her.  ‘Who decided they were right to ask me to do this?’

She glanced at Harry, who could only shrug, but offered no real advice.  She put a hand on the Doctor’s arm.  ‘Doctor, my only experience with the Daleks before we were sent here was on Exxilon.  They were willing to condemn million of humans to die, no second thoughts, no remorse.  How many hundreds of millions of people, human and otherwise have died because of them?  Right here, right now, you take the lives of a room full of embryonic blobs of hate.  Stop them now before their numbers equal the number of lives they’ve taken.’

The Doctor took a deep breath.  ‘Sarah, you couldn’t possibly understand the implications of what I’ve been asked to do.’ 

‘Don’t I?’

‘For the Time Lords to give up on their non-intervention policies to commit genocide of an entire race, it’s unimaginable.’

‘Who says that the Time Lords haven’t looked into the future and seen a time where their very existence is threatened?  That might scare them into action.  Notice they’re not down here doing this themselves, they’ve asked you, because they think that you’re the one most likely to actually do something.’

The Doctor looked at her, his own mind sending conflicting messages.  After a minute, he carefully put the wires on the ground, making sure they didn’t touch.  ‘I can’t, Sarah.’ 

As he stepped towards the incubator room, Sarah picked up the wire strands.  ‘Step back away from the door, Doctor.’

He was at her side in an instant.  ‘Sarah, you can’t!’ he hissed.

‘Sarah, old girl, be very sure,’ Harry added.

The Doctor whipped his head around to glare at Harry but then readdressed Sarah.  ‘Don’t do this, you’re not a killer and this will live with you the rest of your days.’

She looked into the eyes of both of her friends, then focused only on the Doctor.  Calmly, she brought the two wires together.  ‘So be it.’

The explosion knocked them all to the ground.



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Sep. 26th, 2012 02:52 am (UTC)
You could have gone in ANY direction... I'm fascinated you chose this one. Oh the aftershocks of undo-ing a fixed point. Somewhere, the tenth and eleventh Doctors (and Romanavortelundar) are feeling the aftermath of no more Daleks in history.

*raises eyebrows* Fascinating.
Sep. 26th, 2012 02:55 am (UTC)
Why are you especially fascinated that I took that route? *curious now*

The repercussions are echoing throughout the universe and all of time as we speak! :-)
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