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FICLET: DW: One More Thing (Eleven, The Curator)

TITLE: One More Thing
CHARACTER: Eleven, The Curator
SUMMARY: Yet another tag scene to Day of the Doctor. This time, 11 forgets to say something to the Curator

The Curator turned to walk away from the Doctor, having given him the encouragement to begin a search for the missing Gallifrey.  The Doctor spun around, watching the Curator's retreating form before returning his gaze to the painting.  He flailed his arms suddenly as a thought occurred to him.  'One more thing,' the Doctor shouted back.

He heard the clicking of the Curator's cane stop and turned on his heels to wait.  After a minute, the older white-haired man re-appeared.  'Yes?' his distinctive tones reverberated. 

The Doctor gave him a wry smile.  ‘Give Sarah my love.'

'I don't know what you mean,' the Curator questioned, stifling the smile that threatened.

The Doctor clapped his hands together.  'Oh yes you do.  If I were you, and I inevitably am,' he paused, his grin growing large, ‘I know where you call home.'  He tapped the side of his nose.

The Curator nodded, his blue eyes wide, knowing he couldn't deny it, but said nothing.

'For you, it was always her.' 

‘First face this face saw.  You know how it goes.’

‘And no matter how many of me she met, while she always treated us the same, I always knew you were a tough act to follow.’

‘Ahhhh,’ the Curator gave a small shrug as his smile grew wide.  ‘Well, no one’s perfect.’

The Doctor nodded and smiled wistfully, his voice dropping to a whisper.  'Take care of her for me.  She’s important.'

‘Very important.’  The Curator nodded.  ‘And I will.  I promise.'
Tags: doctor/sarah, eleven, ficlet, the curator, who
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