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Ficlet: DW: Safe (Sarah Jane Smith)

CHARACTER: Sarah Jane Smith
SUMMARY: Sarah ponders her life

Safe.  Such a simple word, but with such a complex meaning.  While huge chunks of her life could be considered safe by human standards, to Sarah, they could only be considered boring. 

Her university years, those first few times doorstepping, getting her first full time job at Metropolitan.  They should've been exciting moments that shaped her life, those safe moments that she remembered fondly for the rest of her life.  They faded in comparison. 

Staring death in the face, having a Cyberman point a blaster at her, those were the moments that stood out to her.  Mostly because in each instance, the Doctor always stood next to her, their hands linked.  No matter how dire the circumstances, when the Doctor wrapped his hand around hers, she suddenly felt safe.

Thinking back on it later, she knew it was ridiculous.  There were times when they had no idea whether they'd actually escape with their lives.  They'd been injured, kidnapped and even tortured, yet they'd always made it out.  Together.

Stolen moments in the TARDIS, walking the hallways in silence, quiet companionship.  Those moments she ached for long after she'd returned to Earth.  She felt more than human, a product and part of the universe in ways she never could be when confined to one planet and one time.

Except she was only human, and now she was confined.  For years it haunted her and she longed for the stars once more. 

Sarah stood in her attic looking through the telescope at the Crab Nebula.  She smiled as a fleet of Artelian freighters moved through her view.  A relaxing evening at home, a webcam chat with her son, no alien invasions and a takeaway with her daughter.  This was the sort of thing that would normally be considered safe.

Now, finally, she found peace and her purpose.

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